Transformer Diagnostics and PCB Testing

Regularly scheduled standardized electrical tests are an effective way to gain a reliable insight into the operating condition of your transformers.

Power transformers are a critical component in energy distribution and transmission.  Maintaining them is vital for reliable, fault-free operation.  Any failures can have serious consequences.  The resulting overloads of grid sectors can lead to far-reaching supply failures, as well as personal injury and property damage.

Preventive replacement after a certain number of operating years is costly, and unnecessary where good maintenance systems are employed. These systems include condition- or time-based asset monitoring.  Diagnostic testing is a cost-effective tool, especially if problems are suspected or the transformers are positioned at strategically important locations (such as in a power plant).

In conjunction with utility clients from across the country, Meridian Labs has developed a wide range of testing for power transformers that are in line with ASTM and IEEE practices.

Our test list includes:

Acid Number, ASTM D9074

Color & VIS, ASTM D1500, D1524

Corrosive Sulfur, ASTM D1275

Dielectric Breakdown, ASTM D877

Dissolved Gas Analysis, ASTM D3612

Interfacial Tension, ASTM D9714

Fault Metals, ASTM D7151

Moisture Content, ASTM D1533

Oxidation Inhibitor, ASTM D2668

PCBs in Oil, ASTM D4059

PCBs in Solids, Surface Wipes, EPA 3550, 8082

Pour Point, ASTM D97

Power Factor, ASTM D924

Specific Gravity, ASTM D1298

Viscosity, ASTM D445