Organic and Elemental Testing

Some of the Testing Capabilities We Can Provide You Include:

Organic and Inorganic Instrumental Analysis


Metals, Total, EPA 200.7, 200.8, 6010, 6020

Mercury, EPA 7470, 7471

Non-Volatile Organics by FID/PID GC, ECD, GCMS, HPLC

Semi-Volatiles, EPA 625, 8270

PCBs, EPA 608, 8082

Pesticides, EPA 608, 8141

Herbicides, EPA 8151

PAH, EPA 610, 8015, 8310

TVPH, TEPH, GRO, OA1, DRO, OA2, EPA 8015, 8260


Nitro-Aromatics, EPA 8330

Volatile Organics by GCMS

VOCs, EPA 624, 8260


Reactivity:  Sulfide, SM 5400-S2 F; Cyanide, SM 4500-CN E

Corrosivity, EPA 9040, 9045, SM 4500-H B

Ignitability, EPA 1010

TCLP Leaching Procedure, EPA 1311

Paint Filter Test, EPA 9095

Transformer Diagnostics

Acid Number, ASTM D9074

Color & VIS, ASTM D1500, D1524

Corrosive Sulfur, ASTM D1275

Dielectric Breakdown, ASTM D877

Dissolved Gas Analysis, ASTM D3612

Interfacial Tension, ASTM D9714

Fault Metals, ASTM D7151

Moisture Content, ASTM D1533

Oxidation Inhibitor, ASTM D2668

PCBs in Oil, ASTM D4059

PCBs in Solids, EPA 3550, 8082

Pour Point, ASTM D97

Power Factor, ASTM D924

Specific Gravity, ASTM D1298

Viscosity, ASTM D445


Ammonia, SM 4500-NH3 B, D or E

Kjeldahl Nitrogen, SM 4500-NH3 B, C, D or E

Nitrate, SM 4500-NH3 D, EPA 300.0

Nitrite, SM 4500-NO2 B, EPA 300.0

Nitrate+Nitrite, EPA 353.3, SM 4500

Organic Nitrogen, TKN-NH3-CAL

Phosphorus, SM 4500-P B


Total Coliform & E. Coli, SM 9222 D, 9223 B

Miscellaneous Test Parameters and Methods

Acidity, SM 2310

Alkalinity, SM2320 B

Asbestos, PLC, PCM

Ash Content, ASTM D482

BOD, cBOD, EPA 5210 B

Chloride, SM 4500-Cl B

Chlorine, Total, SM 4500-Cl G

Conductivity, EPA 120.1, SM 2510 B

COD, Hach 8000, SM 5220 D, EPA 410.4

Cyanide, Total, SM 4500-CN

Dissolved Oxygen, SM 4500-O G

Hardness, SM 2340 B or C

Oil & Grease, EPA 1664

Solids, Fixed and Volatile, SM 2540 G

Specific Conductance, EPA 120.1

Specific Gravity, ASTM D1429

Sulfate, ASTM D516

Sulfide, SM 4500-S F

pH, EPA 9040, 9045, SM 4500-H B

Phenolics, EPA 420.1

Sulfate, SM 4500-SO4 E, EPA 300.0

TSS, SM 2540 D

TDS, SM 2540 C

Temperature, SM 2550 B

Total Organic Carbon, SM 5310 B or C

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